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English texts for beginners to practice reading and comprehension online and for free. Practicing your comprehension of written English will both improve your vocabulary and understanding of grammar and word order. The texts below are designed to help you develop while giving you an instant evaluation of your progress Reading practice to help you understand simple texts and find specific information in everyday material. Texts include emails, invitations, personal messages, tips, notices and signs. Intermediate B1. Reading practice to help you understand texts with everyday or job-related language

Practise and improve your reading skills with these texts and exercises. Are you looking for an English course? Learn English with the British Council and you'll be learning with the world's English experts TTSReader is a free Text to Speech Reader that supports all modern browsers, including Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Includes multiple languages and accents. If on Chrome - you will get access to Google's voices as well. Super easy to use - no download, no required. Here are some more feature EnglishClub: Learn English: Reading: Classic Texts Classic Texts. These are short, famous texts in English from classic sources like the Bible or Shakespeare. Some texts have word definitions and explanations to help you. Some of these texts are written in an old style of English Advanced English reading texts : while the majority of texts in this resource are at CEF levels C1, a few are harder (level C2) and a few are easier (level B2). All the texts in this collection are written in normal English; however in order to maximize their language teaching potential, most have been specifically written for students of English as a foreign or second language, or else for high school students English reading materials for EFL and ESL students . Develop your reading skills. The texts cover a variety of topics, fulfilling every students needs. Read these texts and do the comprehension questions

This section offers reading practice to help you understand texts with everyday or job-related language. Texts include articles, travel guides, emails, adverts and reviews. Each lesson has a preparation task, a reading text and two tasks to check your understanding and to practise a variety of reading skills. Make a start today. Choose a reading lesso There are reading tests for CEFR A1, A2, B1, B1+ and B2 levels. You will find different types of texts and there are different types of questions in each test. Gramma In these reading comprehension worksheets, students can increase their understanding of colloquial and idiomatic expressions and get a feel for conversational English. They also allow several students to participate at the same time - which makes them really fun! Great for use in school or at home You can READ, LISTEN, FILL IN THE GAPS, CHECK OUT VOCABULARY AND PUT THE WORDS IN ORDER. 1. A Good Boy. 2. A Long Life. 3. Barking Dog. 4. Lost Pencil This section offers reading practice to help you understand long, complex texts about a wide variety of topics, some of which may be unfamiliar. Texts include specialised articles, biographies and summaries. Each lesson has a preparation task, a reading text and two tasks to check your understanding and to practise a variety of reading skills

This section offers reading practice to help you understand texts with a wide vocabulary where you may need to consider the writer's opinion. Texts include articles, reports, messages, short stories and reviews. Each lesson has a preparation task, a reading text and two tasks to check your understanding and to practise a variety of reading skills LEARN 3000 WORDS with NEWS IN LEVELS. News in Levels is designed to teach you 3000 words in English. Please follow the instructions There's nothing there!. Kamal was trying not to smile. Suddenly the door opened with a bang and a zombie appeared, shouting and moving its arms. Amy screamed and covered her eyes. Oh very funny, Grant! said Tara looking bored. Kamal and Grant started laughing. Ha ha, you were frightened! said Grant Natural Reader is a professional text to speech program that converts any written text into spoken words. The paid versions of Natural Reader have many more features. If you are interested in using our voices for non-personal use such as for Youtube videos, e-Learning, or other commercial or public purposes, please check out our Natural Reader Commercial web application Reading texts for intermediate English - CEF levels B1 and B2. A collection of reading resources mostly about life and issues in Britain and the United States, in intermediate level English - with word guides, exercises and classroom activities

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Reading comprehension exercises for all levels esl. Free interactive reading exercises. Fables, short stories, English talks, ebooks. English second language, English foreign language, ESL , EFL, ielt If you are a beginner learner of English (CEFR A1), you can practise and improve your reading skills with these A1 reading tests. Each test has a text and true-false or multiple-choice questions Are you an intermediate (CEFR level B1) learner of English? Practise and improve your reading skills with these texts and exercises Business English Texts and Articles. Free Business English lessons with texts, articles and exercises to practice English for work. The best way to master a new language is to practice it regularly, and the following Business English sections will help anyone interested in becoming fluent do so, all while mastering terms and phrases commonly used in business today

Reading can help improve your English skills Reading the news is a good way to get a sense for different ways the language can be used. For example, if you read a very professional, formal news site, you can start to see how professional sentences are put together, while if you read something more light-hearted, you can learn to use the language in a less formal fashion If you are an elementary or pre-intermediate learner of English (CEFR A2), you can practise and improve your reading skills with these A2 reading tests. A2 is equivalent to these exams: Cambridge KEY (KET), IELTS (score 3.5), TOEIC Listening and Reading 225-54 Do you like reading in English? Reading is a great way to improve your vocabulary and learn new things. We have lots of interesting texts for you to read. Read, play games, print activities and post comments too Here you can find many interesting lessons with reading texts (and photos for illustration) in intermediate English, followed by reading comprehension exercises. Exercises include: Vocabulary Questions, Collocation Questions, Wh Questions (who, what, when, where, how, etc.), Evaluating Statements, True or False Question

Graded reading texts for intermediate students of English as a foreign language. Improve your English reading skills with these free short stories and graded reading texts on a wide range of topics of general interest Read Text Aloud. Rate. 1. Pitch. 1. Microsoft David Desktop - English (United States) (en-US) Microsoft Hazel Desktop - English (Great Britain) (en-GB) Microsoft Zira Desktop - English (United States) (en-US) Repeat Reading Comprehension: understanding written English Reading comprehension tests. PRINTABLE SHEETS. A text about mad cow disease. A text about futurologists · A text about LA's homeless · A text about land. My name is John. Hi! Nice to meet you! My name is John Smith. I am 19 and a student in college. I go to college in New York. My favorite courses are Geometry, French, and History. English is my hardest course. My professors are very friendly and smart Reading Comprehension Exercises. A growing collection of English reading comprehension exercises. Test your understanding by reading through short passages of text and then answering a number of multiple-choice and cloze / gap fill questions. Select from the subjects below, or browse by level: beginner , intermediate or advanced

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Lezen. Er zijn teksten op 4 niveaus. Niveau 1 is het makkelijkst en niveau 4 is het moeilijkst. Teksten op niveau 1. Teksten op niveau 2. Teksten op niveau 3. Teksten op niveau 4. Oude examens oefenen: VMBO BB Human body parts and organs. It goes without saying that humans (mammals identifiable as those that stand upright and are comparatively advanced and capable of detailed thought) have pretty remarkable bodies, given all that they've accomplished.(Furthermore, an especially intelligent human brain produced this text!) To be sure, humans have overcome predators, disease, and all sorts of other.

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View the Pearson Functional Skills English Level 1 Reading Text Booklet - 2020 Practice Paper below. Prepare for your Functional Skills English Level 1 exam using past papers. Failed to fetch Error: URL to the PDF file must be on exactly the same domain as the current web page. Click here for more info Short text: Living without energy A short text in semi-technical English; The story of the bicycle - semi technical English; Advanced level English Technical texts accessible to a general reading public. Specialist knowledge not required NEW Fox Talbot and the origins of photography , The first photo was taken in... 1835 ! NEW Aeroponics texts for beginners - Learn English Reading Comprehension: understanding written English PRINTABLE SHEETS. A text about mad cow disease. A text about futurologists · A text about LA's. present continuous reading text - Learn English 296) PRESENT CONTINUOUS READING TEXT 297) SENTENCES USING TH 298) PAST SIMPLE I PRESENT CONTINUOUS 4386) YES NO QUESTIONS . 6667) READING COMPREHENSION ADVANCED 6668) ANDVANCED TEST

B2 is one of the CEFR levels described by the Council of Europe. This page will help you practise for the Cambridge First and PTE exams. Read part of an employee handout regarding working with businesses in other countries. Read the text and answer the questions. Read about Parkour and freerunning, then answer the questions EnglishClub: Learn English: Reading: Test Test Your English Reading Level. This free test evaluates how well you understand what you read in English. It is strictly called a Written Comprehension Test because it shows how well you comprehend what somebody writes

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Natural Reader is a free text to speech tool that can be used in a couple of ways. The first option is to load documents into its library and have them read aloud from there. This is a neat way to. Sven Swedish Male. Pilar Spanish Female. Lola Spanish Female. Oskars Latvian Male. ReadSpeaker text-to-speech voices are humanlike, relatable voices. There are 90+ voices available in 30+ languages, with more on their way. Meet the ReadSpeaker TTS family of high-quality voice personas and put them to the test Graded reading texts for upper intermediate and advanced students of English as a foreign language. Improve your English reading skills with these free short stories and graded reading texts on topics of general interest, selected for English language learners

58,144 Downloads. Reading comprehension, grammar, Simple present vs... By rouijel. This is an activity designed to deductively teach adult learners how to use the simple present and the present continuous. 56,061 Downloads. A funny tense review story (reading comprehension... By waykate You will find reading texts and listening tracks with comprehensions questions. There are lots of topics for you to choose from and the texts range from beginner (A1) to upper intermediate (B2) level. Improve your listening and reading comprehension skills with Lingolia Free reading comprehension worksheets. Use these printable worksheets to improve reading comprehension. Over 100 free children's stories followed by comprehension exercises, as well as worksheets focused on specific comprehension topics (main idea, sequencing, etc). Sample Reading Comprehension Worksheet English Language Day is celebrated on 23 April. Read about where English came from, how it came to be spoken all over the world and how it is changing. See more. Read the text to find out some curious facts about the most... See more. 01 Feb 2021. Lunar New Year Read this page about the history of the campaign button. ESL Reading Comprehension - ESL reading comprehension is important for all new English learners. To understand the basics of everyday life—from newspapers to job applications—a person will need to gain adequate English reading skills

Learn to Read in English with Somewhat Challenging Texts. When you're learning to read in English, it's best to read just above your reading level. This means you read articles or books which are a little bit difficult for you. Some words and sentences will be challenging or unfamiliar, but you can still understand what the text is saying English e-Reader is the biggest online library of graded e-books. Here you can find plenty ebooks in different digital formats: epub, fb2, mobi, rtf, txt, as well as audio books in mp3 format

Reading. BBC Teach > Skillswise > English. Find out how you can read and understand text, skim and scan documents and discover other people's reading habits Reading to Learn English Vocabulary. Reading is the best way to improve your vocabulary! The context of articles, stories, and conversations helps you figure out and understand the meaning of English words in the text that are new to you. Reading also provides repetition of vocabulary words you have already learned to help you remember them English reading passages. Articles and texts, covering many different subjects, help you get in-depth English reading practice in a short amount of time. Some of them even have matching audio, so you can hear the words pronounced as you read. There's a huge world of English reading out there A2 Reading Topics. This page will help you practise for the KET and PET exams. Read about rental accommodation. Choose the correct picture. Read the description of a new shopping mall and answer questions about it. Read about the educational opportunities for 16 year olds and answer questions. Read about a woman's job as a Christmas elf and.

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Goodman (1967; cited in Paran, 1996) presented reading as a psycholinguistic guessing game, a process in which readers sample the text, make hypotheses, confirm or reject them, make new hypotheses, and so forth. Here, the reader rather than the text is at the heart of the reading process. The schema theory of reading also fits within the. Perhaps the Best Quran English Translation. Clear, Accurate, Easy to Understand. Most Faithful to the Original. In Modern English. Read, Listen, Search, Download Edexcel Functional Skills English Level 1 Reading - Texts Booklet - 2020 Practice Paper Test 2. View the Edexcel Functional Skills English Level 1 Reading - Texts Booklet - 2020 Practice Paper Test 2 below. Prepare for your Functional Skills English Level 1 exam using past papers. Download Cambridge English: CAE Reading 1. In this part, there are three themed texts followed by two 4-option multiple-choice questions on each text. You are going to read three extracts which are concerned in some way with music. For questions 1-6, choose the answer which you think fits best according to the text

Learn English with our free online listening, grammar, vocabulary and reading activities. Practise your English and get ready for your Cambridge English exam English reading practice is very important if you want to improve your English reading skills. This section contains articles on different subjects for you to read. Each article has contains an exercise too. Click Here for Step-by-Step Rules, Stories and Exercises to Practice All English Tenses. So here are your next steps 13 Types of Text for Learning English in High Schools. English Admin - If you study in high schools, these are 13 types of text in English. They are text genres or text types and given in definition, purpose, generic structure, language feature and some samples of each text Apprendre l'Anglais - Écoute Facile - Lecture Facile - Texte Parallèle Cours Audio No. 2 [Learn English - Easy Listening - Easy Reading - Parallel Text Audio Course No. 2]: Lire et Écouter des Livres en Anglai

Discover our English courses for children: Primary Plus for ages 6-12 and Secondary Plus for ages 12-17. Online English courses for adults We offer a range of flexible and personalised online English courses to suit your unique style of learning English Reading Comprehension Tests. Reading comprehension is also an important part when you take an English test. Reading comprehension test can help you to improve vocabulary, grammar, and logical thought ability. There are some tips for you to improve reading skills: Tips for English Reading comprehension tests - Practice reading every day with running text. try to follow or imitate it

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  1. Read about the football World Cup then do the exercises to help you practise your reading in English. Help Do the preparation activity to help you with words from the text
  2. Easy Turkish Readers and Turkish/English Parallel Texts. Read and listen to our FREE easy Turkish readers! Each chapter has a text with audio, a glossary of words you might not know, and a comprehension exercise
  3. Academic Reading Skills. The Reading section measures test takers' ability to understand university-level academic texts and passages. In English-speaking academic environments students are expected to read and understand information from textbooks and other types of academic material. Below are three possible purposes for academic reading
  4. Learn English with these free learning English videos and materials from BBC Learning English. This site will help you learn English and improve your pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary knowledge
  5. Good reading skills can improve your other language skills. You need to learn to read before you can write. Reading is the best way to learn and remember the proper spelling of words. Listening as you read aloud can help you improve your pronunciation skills. If you want to improve your English, learn to love reading in English
  6. utes. Each section contains one long text. Texts are authentic and are taken from books, journals, magazines and newspapers. They have been written for a non-specialist audience and are on academic topics of general interest
  7. Improve your English through Reading. Josef Essberger. Right now you are reading English. That means that you are using your brain in a very active way. Reading is a very active process. It is true that the writer does a lot of work, but the reader also has to work hard. When you read a text, you have to do some or all of these

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  1. We read blogs, emails, Tweets and texts. The more you read anything in English, the better you'll get at the language. Don't just read books and news. Read anything and everything! Find a magazine that you enjoy, follow some interesting people or websites on Facebook, or visit a blog you like reading
  2. In this part of the Reading and Use of English paper, known as 'Gapped Text', you need to put back paragraphs that have been removed from a text. This section of the C2 Proficiency exam will test your understanding of coherence, cohesion, text structure and global meaning
  3. Spanish texts for beginners to practice and develop your Spanish reading and comprehension skills. Here's an excellent way to improve and evaluate your Spanish reading comprehension. Getting comfortable with written Spanish is necessary to fluency, and online exercises such as these are a proven way to get better. 25 free texts Premium: 47 texts
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  5. A. Christie (1) ( past events ) - A short biography - English You can do the test even if you haven't read the text below. (short extra reading.
  6. The reasonable thing to do is probably moderation; continue to enjoy a cup of tea, but don't have too many! 1. As it is pointed out in the passage, tea used to be considered to be ----. 2. According to the passage, tea can be dangerous because it ----. 3. The writer points out that the best solution is to drink ----
  7. Paused reading: (after students have already been through a text at least twice) Students close their books or cover the printed copy of the article; the teacher then starts reading a text out loud, but pauses at significant points (grammar points, content points, or just shortly before the ends of clauses) and asks students to shout out the next few words from memory

Intermediate-level text-based reading comprehension exercises. UsingEnglish.com is partnering with Gymglish to give you a free one-month trial of this excellent online English training course. Activate your free month of lessons (special offer for new users, with no obligation to buy) - and receive a level assessment You can practise reading comprehension and at the same time you will certainly learn something new. Each text is identified with an icon showing the level of English used on it. You will also find some questions to answer at the end of some texts to test your comprehension. Now you can also print the reading texts and the exercises

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English text, fill in the gaps exercise. TEXTS. All the texts below are exercises where you should fill in the missing words from the box Welcome to our Business English reading comprehension section. Click on any of the exercises below to test your comprehension of modern Business English, as used in current media. The topics are fairly diverse, spanning a wide variety of terminology. These exercises are intended for students whose level is Intermediate/Advanced. Good luck Kostenloser Online Text in Sprache (Text-To-Speech-Reader). Genau mit natürlichen Stimmen, mehrsprachig. Echtzeit. Kostenlos und wird es immer bleiben

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Instructions: Read through the text below, answer the questions that follow, then click on 'Grade Me!' to view your score. Reality Television Reality television is a genre of television programming which, it is claimed, presents unscripted dramatic or humorous situations, documents actual events, and features ordinary people rather than professional actors Reading skills - Using a difficult real life English text in class can be a good way of the teacher training you to use special reading skills such as ignoring the parts that are not important, guessing the meaning of words from context, skimming and scanning quickly for the important parts, reading for general understanding, and increasing reading speed

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Advance reading for paper 1A in the second term will be given over the winter vacation. To get a head start, over the summer it is an excellent idea to read an introductory text such as The Stories of English by David Crystal (you may be able to borrow this from your local public library) Below you will find 15 CAE Reading and Use of English Practice Tests. Each test is complete with answer keys, explanations and a short vocabulary. The old, print-friendly test CAE Reading and Use of English Part 1 For questions 1-8, read the text below and decide which answer (А, В, C or D) best fits. This reading comprehension story, My Friend Peter, is for beginning-level English language learners (ELL). It reviews names of places and languages. Read the short story two or three times, and then take the quizzes to check your understanding

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There are many benefits that you can enjoy by developing your English using short texts in English for intermediate students: You'll perfect your reading and writing skills for levels B1 and B2 of the CEFR. You can prepare for an official certificate, like the IELTS, the Aptis, or one of the Cambridge certificates (B1 Preliminary or B2 First) Reading Comprehension - Learning English. Read the text and choose the best answer for each question. Today, millions of people want to learn or improve their English but it is difficult to find the best method

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Chapter 7 EDMA7412 Chapter 8 EDMA7412 Assignment Assignment 1 English reading lesson plan labour law notes. Preview text. The IIE Bachelor of Education: Lesson Plan Template 2019. Note: All lesson plans are to be typed up, no handwritten lesson plans will be accepted for final submission of the POE Gapped text reading exercise about a short story called The Open Boat. Exercise Number: FCE104. Arctic Warming. Gapped text reading exercise about warming in the Arctic regions. Exercise Number: FCE105. Space Junk. Gapped text reading exercise about the problem of space junk. Exercise Number: FCE106. The Golden Gate Bridge Read the items that are selected in the current window. Insert + Ctrl + G. Read a description of the items that appear next to the currently selected element. Ctrl. Stop Narrator from reading text. Insert + Q. Move the cursor backward to the beginning of any preceding text that has different formatting

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Reading out loud. As a teacher I had always perceived 'reading aloud' as a 'taboo' in the EFL classroom since it focuses specifically on a 'bottom-up' approach where learners can fall into traps of worrying about 100% comprehension or simply read aloud without understanding the text Instructions: These tests will help you to practice your English reading skill - Intermediate Level. After reading the text, choose an answer to complete each question. Instructions may be available for each test. After finishing a test, you can review your answers. English Intermediate Reading Comprehension Test 001 Reading text messages from schoo Details. Key stage 2 English reading tests were administered in schools in May 2018. Test administration instructions and mark schemes are also provided. Please refer to the copyright ownership.

Reading Texts for Adult ELLs. When it comes time to find a text for your next adult reading lesson, it can seem that everything you pick up is either Finnegan's Wake or Charlotte's Web, with none of the in-between that your students need. We need texts—a lot of them—that are accessible in terms of language but which deal with adult. Intensive reading. Intensive reading involves learners reading in detail with specific learning aims and tasks. It can be compared with extensive reading, which involves learners reading texts for enjoyment and to develop general reading skills. The learners read a short text and put events from it into chronological order Read about superheroes then do the exercises to help you practise your reading in English. Help Do the preparation activity to help you with words from the text Don't fall victim to the pitfall of choosing some sophisticated English text you can barely understand thinking that it somehow is going to improve your English in a short space of time. In reality, quite the opposite is going to happen - you're going to get confused and eventually you'll end up HATING the very concept of reading aloud Summary: This text is similar to the fifth question in the Cambridge ESOL Business English Certificate (BEC) Preliminary Reading & Writing, where you have a business text (300-400 words) and six multiple choice questions testing reading for gist and specific information

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Watch More video clik on given link https://www.youtube.com/c/HeavenLuk/videosSubscribe us for more English Learning Videos Notification https://www.youtube... KS2 English Reading and writing learning resources for adults, children, parents and teachers Listen and read several times to connect the sounds of language with the spelling of the words. By doing this you can also improve and practice English pronunciation and listening skills. In the Learn New Words activity, you will practice 10 words from the reading. You'll see the definition of the word as it is used in the context of the reading Improve Your Reading Skills in English This page contains The Email Man (a short text, which you can read and listen to, and then follow up with some exercises) The Abortion Pill (a short reading text on a controversial.

Scanning: Spratt, et al. (2011) state that scanning refers to searching for specific information within a text, where a quick glance is taken to find the relevant information without reading the whole text. Skimming: Krashen & Terrell (1998) mention that this reading sub-skill follows scanning in the way it is performed, which means a quick glance to extract superficial information of a text. While-reading tasks leading into post-reading tasks Jigsaw reading is an old favourite but perennially effective. Divide a text into two parts or find two (or three) separate texts on the same topic. Students A get one text and a related task, students B get the other text and task. Students A complete their tasks in a group. Students B likewise Role Play Reading Comprehension Worksheets. In these free reading comprehension worksheets, students can increase their understanding of colloquial and idiomatic expressions and get a feel for conversational English. They also allow several students to participate at the same time - which makes them really fun Text for students who are reading at a third grade reading level. 4th Grade Reading Comprehension. Non-fiction texts and fiction stories for students who are reading at a fourth grade reading level. 5th Grade Reading Comprehension. A large collection of fifth grade fiction passages, non-fiction articles, and poems. 6th Grade Reading Comprehension